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The laser used in nail treatment emits high levels of energy and heat. This heat creates an impact effect on the fungus nail. NG (oil) lasers are used in nail fungus treatment.

The foot care of athletes and dancers should be done regularly and by a specialist pedologist to prevent problems such as nail fungus, ingrown nails, hardening of the skin and heel cracks, as well as aesthetics.

Nails that have been deformed, impacted or whose nail bed has deteriorated for different reasons are thinned by milling method. It has a visually more beautiful appearance. And the person continues his life normally without experiencing pain.

Paraffin melted at a certain temperature relaxes the nerve endings on the applied surface, creates a pain relieving effect and leaves a baby skin effect on the skin. Paraffin treatments applied in weekly cures are one of the indispensable applications of winter months.

Pedology is a branch of science that deals with foot health and diseases. The person who performs this procedure is called a pedologist. We need periodic care to protect our foot health and to continue our lives in a painless and healthy way.

It is one of the most common foot diseases that many of us encounter. Ingrown nail manifests itself with severe pain. When intervened in specialized people, the patient regains his health and returns to his normal life without the need to pull the nail. Nail corners …

One in five people with diabetes will develop a persistent sore, ulcer or infection in the foot at some point in their lives, which can lead to the loss of the foot or leg if not treated properly. Diabetic foot wound treatment requires a multi-specialty approach.

It is a skin condition that usually occurs on the bony parts of the hands and feet. The choice of shoes, foot structure, step disorders are the biggest factors in the formation of calluses. It is cleaned thoroughly with devices. After the procedure, the person continues his/her normal life.

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