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Hand Foot Paraffin Treatments

Hand Foot Paraffin Treatments

Paraffin is a product that shows positive results on worn hands and feet and consists of completely chemical-free substances. The desired result is achieved in a short time in paraffin hand and foot care, which prevents the deformation of hands and feet with age.
Paraffin care, which should be applied in weekly cures, is one of the indispensable forms of treatment, especially in the winter months. Paraffin, which has a structure containing vitamins, consists of vitamins obtained from fruit extracts. Paraffin, which provides the removal of dead cells by destroying them, also has a revitalizing feature on the skin.


  • Manicure and pedicure procedures are completed before paraffin hand and foot care is performed.
  • After the nails are treated, a disinfecting gel is applied and massaged.
  • Apply the gel to the hands and feet until absorbed.
  • Before paraffin application, an emulsion containing collagen is used to prepare for the procedure, this is to balance the fat content on the skin.

Paraffin Hand Foot Treatment:

  • After the above process, the hand and foot area to be paraffinized is immersed in liquid paraffin.
  • After waiting for a short time, the paraffin frozen on the removed hand and foot area is covered with a stretch layer.
  • Gloves are then put on the hands.
  • In the same way, the feet are covered to maximize the effect of the paraffin.
  • The paraffin kept for approximately 10 minutes varies according to the needs of the skin.
  • For people with drier skin, the waiting time of paraffin is up to 15 minutes.
  • At the end of the time, the paraffin on the hands and feet is peeled off.
  • Then cream is applied to make the surface soft and the process is finished.

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