Laser Nail Fungus Treatment, Laser light (1064nm Nd YAG laser) applied to the toenail is applied without damaging the nail bed, nail and surrounding soft tissue. It must be applied on the nails of 5 fingers because the nails on the other fingers may also have hidden fungus.

During laser nail fungus (athlete’s foot) treatment, there is no change in the appearance of your nail. Depending on the treatment performed on the nail bed, the nail will grow over time and the effect of the treatment will appear on the new nail.

Many patients report no pain during laser nail fungus (athlete’s foot) treatment. However, some patients mentioned a slight warming sensation on the nail and a tingling sensation in the nail. You can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

The laser nail fungus (athlete’s foot) treatment procedure takes approximately 15 minutes for two feet. A single session is sufficient for some patients, but more than one session (6-8 sessions or more) may be needed for very advanced cases.

Laser nail fungus (athlete’s foot) treatment is applied in 2 different ways. The first one is done with low energy and high repetitions and the second one is done with high energy and low repetitions. Which one is more therapeutic is decided according to the characteristics of the nail fungus and the resistance to treatment. Frequent changes can be made in the application procedure according to the response to be received during the treatment process.

There will be some rules to be followed after laser nail fungus (foot fungus) treatment. (Changing shoes and wearing them 3-4 days apart, avoiding moisture, using cotton socks, staying away from public places, etc.) If these rules are followed, the success rate of the application is around 80%.

Laser Nail Fungus, You can have a pedicure or nail polish immediately after the laser procedure. The important thing here is the period before the laser procedure. You should clean all the nail polish on your feet and clean your feet 1 day before the laser procedure is applied.

It is not possible to observe improvement in nail fungus immediately after laser nail fungus (athlete’s foot) treatment. However, as the nail grows, it is possible to observe that the clean nail grows. Our toenails grow slowly; especially the fungus nail grows even more slowly. It may take 6 to 12 months for a clean nail to form.

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